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Ybruf Vinyl Sticker

$4.00 CAD

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These 3" vinyl stickers are totally dee-doo-ay. If you want to show your love for (redacted) everywhere, look no further. There's absolutely no hidden meaning to these stickers. Just pure (error) fun.

"Lovingly" created in memory of my childhood (deleted), Noo-loo. You didn't stop telling us how Ay-tay you were, even after we took your batteries out and locked you in our car trunk in the middle of a heatwave.

Rest in peace little guy.

Shipped with love from Vancouver, Canada.

My studio is a pet friendly area! I have birds, dogs and a cat, and while I do my best to keep everything free of fluff, I can’t guarantee there might not be a fuzzy floofer enclosed within your package.

(Ah-noo. Kah dah-boh-bah.)

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