Standard: These are the best of the batch.  May have minor defects in the enamel and plating.  This may include scratches, dust, colour overspill, shallow under-fill, or minor discolouration.  

SECONDS: Defects I notice right away while grading.  May have visible, larger sections of plating errors, larger sections of under-fill, or more obvious defects in the enamel.


Do you ship worldwide?:

I ship to any location on this list (excluding Germany due to packaging laws):


Please note any additional customs or taxes are the responsibility of the customer.  Orders going to the UK or EU are particularly at risk for high taxation and customs fees.  I hold no responsibility for any additional charges incured.

I collect and remit PST to the BC government, and am in the process of applying for GST to Canadian orders.  I do not collect any taxes for orders outside of Canada. 

Shipping is so expensive!  What gives?

Uh, I'd like to know that too. Since the start of the pandemic, it's become frankly ridiculous to ship internationally.  My prices to Canada and USA are accurate to what I pay for shipping cost.  International shipments can vary, hence why I charge 25CAD for most countries. 


True international shipping costs tend to vary between 10CAD and 35CAD.  I will refund shipping overages over 2CAD. 

Do you offer tracking/insurance?
Tracking and insurance are on all USA orders and International orders to many countries (excluding sticker orders)

Canadian friends, if you'd like tracking on your order for an extra charge, please contact me.

I am not responsible for order without insurance (Lettermail (Domestic, international and USA bound stickers), or countries not serviced by Asendia through Chitchats)


Do you offer cancelations, returns, or exchanges?

I can cancel an order if I haven't shipped yet.  Otherwise, please note there are no returns or exchanges (unless the fault is mine)

If there's an issue with your order please email me at [email protected] and I'd be happy to assist you.

Why was my order cancelled?

There are typically three reasons why your order may be cancelled.  

1.) I am out of stock of an item and didn't notice because I'm a goof.  I'll contact you first if this happens.

2.) You used coupon code "combine" and aren't actually combining orders.  Please don't do that.  

3.)  You ordered a preorder item, and the preorder was cancelled. 

How do you grade your pins:

I grade based off the batch, and grade by holding the pin an arms length away.

Standard grades are the best pins in the batch.  

As enamel pins are handmade items, there may be small defects present, but they do not take away from the pin. These may include small sections of underfill, scratches, and dust around the perimeter or incased on the edge of pearl resin or screen print.

Seconds pins have visible defects, including the ones stated above, to a noticable level.  You can typically see defects on these pins at first glance.


Will you mark the customs declaration lower on my package so I don't have to pay fees?

I don't want to go to jail, so no. Buyers are responsible for all fees and taxes on their orders.