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Seeker Huntress hard enamel pin

$16.00 CAD - $23.00 CAD

  • Image of Seeker Huntress hard enamel pin

63.5mm tall
Black nickel plating
Four screen print colours
3 pin posts with rubber backings
"Jeileen" backstamp

Pictured grade: B grade

"Standard Grade" has been replaced with "A" and "B" grade. Please see below for details.

A/B mix: Pins the average customer would be happy to either wear or display!
These may have slightly visible scratches, small specks of dust in the middle of the enamel, speckled plating, areas of discolouration, and small areas of deep underfill, or large areas of minor underfill. The flaws on these pins will not be present on the face.
Otherwise known as standard grade pins.

Seconds: Pins that have large, visible defects and are priced accordingly. Flaws on the face are automatically Seconds.

Other defects include large sections of scratched enamel or plating, underfill on the face of the character, or obvious bubbles or debris in the enamel.

I get about 25% of my batch turning out as "seconds." If you want something cheap to wear, these are your pins!