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Spy Babes enamel pin

$17.00 CAD - $26.00 CAD

Approx 2.8"
Black nickel plating
1 screen print colour

Please see grading details in FAQ for more information.

Standard grade pins are not perfect and may display small defects like sections of low underfill, pooled enamel, or small scratches Priority for the best pins in the batch have gone to preorder customers.

Seconds pins may have one or more of the above defects, broken metal lines, or larger areas of underfill. They are perfect to wear, and if you're not terribly picky, would make a lovely display piece.

"Ungraded" pins (aka the miscolours) have had all pins I've deemed too defective removed from the sellable pile. Ungraded pins could either be standards or seconds, but will have defects no worse than what I would normally consider seconds. I just can't be arsed to sort them, so enjoy the discount.

Please contact me if your country is not available to ship to. I cannot ship to Germany at this time.

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