Fantasy Hero enamel pins

$10.00 CAD - $13.00 CAD

Here they are. All my FF pins ( minus Aerti and plus Kaine for some reason)

All the pins in this listing will be SECONDS.

13CAD pins are my normal seconds quality. Still enough to put on your board, and definitely good for an ita bag or to wear.

10CAD pins are still decent, but may have more/deeper underfill and scratched up plating than usual. Either these pins had a LOT of defects in the batch, I've done multiple restocks and accumulated a lot of extra seconds, or these are the last handful I have left before they're gone for good.

Eventually the designs in the 13CAD tier will probably end up in 10 when I run out of my normal quality of seconds. kejdnxc

Choose from:

Half Esper
Bunny Archer
The Leading Man
High Summoner
Magitek Knight
Treasure Hunter
Guardian Champion
Summoner of Mist
Black Mage

And "Half Shade" is also here cause idk where else to put her and I only have 50 listings on here LMAOOOOOO.

(damn i made a lot of FF pins)

If your country isn't available to ship to by default, please contact me for rates.