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"Belle" Boudoir Bee Babes enamel pin

$13.00 CAD - $17.00 CAD

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Approx 2" tall
Gold plating
Jeileen Backstamp
2 pin posts

Belle is the head alchemist of the Coven. She works hard brewing all sorts of fruity and floral potions and poultices for her fellow bee witch babes. She's looking for a new pupa to take under her wing- are you the one she's looking for?

The Boudoir Bee Babes set is my journey back into doing limited runs of original character designs after having to stop producing pins on my own due to health reasons. Now that I'm in treatment, have more financial security in case of production errors, and the wonderful grading and fulfillment support of my amazing friend Pindie, I'm confident enough to dip my toes back into originals and do a few mini collection revivals of my more beloved ideas.